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Hannah the Pet Society

Programs and partnerships are designed to provide access to the lifelong benefits of a Hannah Pet to seniors, veterans, children, and families in need.

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Hannah the Pet Society Charitable Work

Hannah the Pet Society serves its local community by providing various FREE programs designed to remove barriers for those needing Pet companionship, interaction, and/or care for their current Pet. Below are descriptions for each of the programs we operate to bring the benefits of Pet Parenthood and care to our schools, senior and group homes, Pet rescue groups, and Veterans in our local community. Approved applicants receive the benefits of these programs at no cost.

Hannah the Pet Society is a unique society comprising individuals who share a deep concern for Pets with a mission to help Pets live their longest, healthiest, and happiest lives with their forever families, Hannah the Pet Society is committed to reducing barriers to Pet companionship and improving the overall quality of life for Pets. Recognizing the barriers and high costs associated with Pet care that prevent many families from welcoming a Pet into their homes, Hannah the Pet Society was created to overcome these obstacles.

At its core, Hannah the Pet Society aims to make Pet Parenthood more accessible and affordable for everyone. Members of Hannah enjoy a range of benefits, including Pet education resources, exclusive invitations to Member events, and most importantly, access to affordable healthcare for their Pets. It is through this society that Members gain the opportunity to enroll their Pets on a Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care® plan, which is exclusively serviced through Hannah Pet Hospitals.

Through its comprehensive approach, Hannah the Pet Society strives to provide the support, resources, and affordable healthcare options that enable families to experience the joys of Pet companionship without the burden of exorbitant costs. By addressing the barriers that have prevented many from having a Pet as part of their family, Hannah the Pet Society helps create a world where more Pets can live long, healthy, and happy lives with their forever families.

In addition to access to Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care® plans serviced through Hannah Pet Hospitals, Members of Hannah the Pet Society also enjoy:

  • Educational Webinars: Interactive webinars on various Pet care topics such as nutrition, behavior, preventive care, and first aid. Members can join in live or access the recordings at their convenience.
  • Virtual Q&A Sessions: Regularly scheduled live Q&A sessions with Hannah veterinarians and Pet care experts. Members can ask questions in real-time and receive professional advice.
  • Exclusive Content Hub: Online hub filled with valuable resources, including articles, videos, infographics, and downloadable guides about Pet health, training, and more.
  • Social Events: Hannah-hosted events that foster opportunity for Members to engage with one another, like Paint Your Pet Nights, and Doggy Cooking Classes.
  • Foster Program: Fostering Hope, One Pet at a Time – where Members can temporarily care for Pets in need of a home, fostering a sense of purpose and further strengthening the Hannah community.
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Classroom Pet Program

Hannah the Pet Society provides socialized bunnies and guinea pigs to classrooms to enliven and enrich the classroom environment. This program is free to the school, and 100% of the medical care and supplies are covered.


Helping Hand of the Week

Hannah the Pet Society works with rescue groups and organizations who do not have access to veterinary resources for the Pets they are finding homes for. We provide veterinary care at our Hannah Pet Hospitals for these Pets to increase their chances of finding a forever home.

Veteran Program

Hannah the Pet Society is here to help our Veterans and their Pets. We want to thank our heroes for their service, and we do that by providing our all-inclusive services at no cost to qualified Veterans.


Community Homes

Hannah the Pet Society works with various adult group homes and senior living homes to bring Pet companionship to them. Having a Pet in these places can improve the quality of life for the people and individuals there. We offer our all-inclusive services at no cost to these homes; they provide love and companionship.

How You Can Help

You may be an expert hugger. A socialization mentor. A skilled trainer. Or a valued donor. However you choose to get involved with Hannah’s, just know that everything you do makes a difference.

Hannah’s volunteers help provide that special bond between humans and their Pets to members of their local community. They share their knowledge, skills, and understanding to build this incredible bond and make a difference in the lives of Pets and people daily. Our charitable programs wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers’ hard work and dedication.

As a valued volunteer, you can work one-on-one with our Pets and help prepare them for a new home. Become a program ambassador to a classroom or senior care center. Deliver a Pet to a veteran in need.

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Take the First Step Towards Total Lifetime Care®

Ready to provide your Pet with the best care possible? It’s time to join Hannah the Pet Society. Become a Member today and give your Pet access to the lifelong care they deserve.

With our comprehensive approach, your Pet will receive the highest level of care today and throughout their lifetime.

Let Hannah Pet Hospital be your trusted partner in your Pet’s healthcare journey. Discover the benefits of our Total Lifetime Care® plans and experience the difference of comprehensive and affordable Pet care.

Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care® plans offer unparalleled value, providing you with access to comprehensive and affordable Pet care. Say goodbye to surprise veterinary bills and confidently budget for your Pet’s healthcare needs.