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What is Hannah Pet Hospital?

Hannah Pet Hospital is a trusted veterinary care provider that revolutionizes Pet healthcare through their Total Lifetime Care® plans offered only to Members of Hannah the Pet Society.

Hannah Pet Hospital focuses on providing comprehensive and affordable care through their Total Lifetime Care® plans. These plans cover various services, including preventive care, illness/injury medical treatments, emergency services, dental care, and behavioral support. By offering a holistic approach to Pet care for a predictable monthly fee, Hannah Pet Hospital aims to provide peace of mind, convenience, and exceptional healthcare value to Pet Parents.

Why did this small group start Hannah Pet Hospital?

Hannah was started by people who care very much about Pets – and care that many are being put to sleep unnecessarily. They know that many families could benefit from having a Pet as part of their family but don’t because of the multiple barriers and high costs of Pet care. Hannah is designed to overcome those barriers. Because they were concerned for Pets and strongly desired to “give back,” these individuals heavily supported Hannah in every way possible.

What is the Total Lifetime Care & Companionship® (TLC) Plan?

The Total Lifetime Care & Companionship (TLC) plan is a comprehensive companionship and health care program, including veterinary care, behavior care, prescriptions, and other medications on the Hannah Formulary, surgeries, and obedience training and support – all for a set monthly fee. The TLC Plan is available to Members of Hannah the Pet Society who already have a dog or cat or receive a bunny or guinea pig from Hannah. This innovative, new approach allows Pet lovers to enjoy their Pets without worrying about the unexpected costs of medical care – all you add is love! Learn more about Total Lifetime Care®plans HERE.

I love cats and every cat I have had loves to go outside – but many seem to get lost. If I enroll my cat with Hannah, can it still go outside?

Our Pet care guidelines specify that cats indoors will likely be healthier and live longer. The reality is that cats occasionally escape outside, and we want to help Pet Parents understand that keeping the cats indoors will result in a healthier Pet. We also provide education on ways for cats to play and exercise indoors to minimize the desire to escape – and we provide training to teach your cat to walk on a leash. But, perhaps most importantly, all Han¬nah Pets are microchipped and registered as a part of the Hannah Total Lifetime Care® Plan. This assures Hannah Pet’s Parents that if their Pet is lost or stolen, we have the processes in place so authorities can identify the Pet, and we can get the Pet back to the family as soon as possible; you are responsible for licensing and any “tickets” you call if your Hannah Pet is picked up off your property.

What keeps a Hannah Pet Parent from dropping off a Pet they no longer want at a shelter?

Hannah makes it easy to give us a Pet on a TLC Plan that the Pet Parent no longer wants or can no longer properly care for. A Pet Parent just needs to notify us of their wishes, help us with a questionnaire that will make it easier to take care of the Pet properly, and we’ll either pick up the Pet from their home or they can drop it off at one of our Hannah Pet Hospitals. If a Hannah Pet is dropped off at a shelter, the shelter will know to contact Hannah due to the microchip we implant in every one of our Pets, and we will retrieve it immediately.

How can Hannah ensure “Hannah Pets” are being cared for properly?

We educate all new Pet Parents to ensure they have the information they need to care for their Pets properly. We also have regular communication with Pet Parents via care calls to ensure they have the support they need to succeed. By having a high level of communication, we can ensure that Hannah Pet’s Parents have everything they need to provide excellent care to their Pets. Regular veterinary exams and preventive care visits – all included in the Monthly TLC Fee – also help to ensure the Pet has an excellent quality of life.

I have gone to the same veterinarian for over 30 years and have a wonderful relationship with him because he’s just a great vet – why can’t I take my Hannah Pet to him after I join Hannah?

Because Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care (TLC) Plan already covers comprehensive medical and behavior care, and we can deliver care more efficiently and at a lower price than it would cost you otherwise – that’s why it costs less than insurance or the traditional fee-for-service model. Maybe you should tell him to apply at Hannah’s!

What if my Pet gets sick and needs emergency care after hours?

You can call a Hannah veterinary team member any time, night or day (24-7-365 days a year), and discuss the situation. You can bring your Hannah Pet to our 24/7 emergency Hannah Veterinary Hospital at 10164 SE Washington Square Rd., Suite B3 in Tigard, OR 97223. In the event of a need for emergency medical services at a location other than Hannah’s, we will make immediate arrangements, and Hannah will cover all emergency costs and medical care.

If the Hannah Pet Parent moves outside of Hannah’s service area, what happens to the Pet?

Hannah Pet’s Parents consider their Pet a family member and naturally want to keep it with them no matter where they live. When the Member moves outside our service area, we can no longer provide services, so our Membership Agreement has a couple of very easy ways to end their relationship with Hannah and regain ownership of their Pet. If, for some reason, the Pet Parent can’t take the Pet with them (e.g., Active Military Service), we will help them find the Pet a new loving home.

My boyfriend and I are getting married and would like to become Hannah Pet Parents as soon as we move into our new house. Suppose we get divorced someday; what will happen to our Pet?

Hannah works with our Pet Parents as they resolve rights and responsibilities, such as in the case of a divorce. Ultimately, a court may make this determination, and we will abide by that. Hannah will not take sides and will support the family’s agreement or the court’s decision. We will waive the Membership Fee and provide free matching consultations if the noncustodial Pet Parent wants a Pet.

Can non-Members bring their Pets into Hannah service centers for grooming, veterinary care, etc.?

No. Our Hannah Pet Hospitals are exclusively for Members of Hannah the Pet Society. We sometimes make exceptions for training classes and programs for kids like 4-H, Scouting, and shelter or rescue Pets.

Hannah says that Total Lifetime Care® (TLC) plans basically cover everything that a Pet “needs.” What happens when Hannah and the Pet Parent don’t agree on “need”?

If we think that the Pet needs medical or behavioral care and not having that product or service is affecting the Pet negatively or could be detrimental in a material way, we will tell you and recommend what we think is best. If you disagree with our professional recommendation and refuse to allow or help us to provide what we determine the Pet needs, we have the right to end your Membership Agreement with Hannah. Conversely, suppose you think the Pet needs medical or behavioral care and that not having that product or service affects the Pet negatively or could be detrimental in a material way. In that case, you will tell us and explain what you think is best for the Pet and why. We will fully consider all your points, get other doctors’ opinions, and discuss all the data and opinions with you. However, suppose we disagree with your diagnosis and therapeutic plan or refuse to provide it. In that case, you have the right to end your Membership Agreement with Hannah (as documented in that agreement).

Is Banfield connected to Hannah in any way?

No. Banfield is a traditional “fee for service” veterinary care provider and the best in the world at what it does. Hannah provides managed Pet care through a unique model to families and offers comprehensive medical and behavioral care for the Pet for life. It’s an entirely different business – even a different category – and has no common ownership or management with Banfield. You can see a comparison of the Hannah model with the traditional fee-for-service model HERE.

How can Hannah offer its service package so cost-efficiently?

There are several significant efficiencies inherent in our business model. Many business models rely on “volume,” and Hannah isn’t an exception. Because we use our doctors and facilities, we can keep costs down. For example, we don’t have to spend time making cost estimates or tracking every single product line item, which can account for 25% of labor costs in other veterinary practices. In addition, Hannah, the Pet Society owning the Pets, Hannah saves regulatory costs versus an insurance model. These all help lower the costs for Hannah Pet’s Parents.

What is “Hannah the Pet Society”?

Hannah, the Pet Society, is a unique society comprising individuals who share a deep concern for Pets with a mission to help Pets live their longest, healthiest, and happiest lives with their forever families. Hannah, the Pet Society, is committed to reducing barriers to Pet companionship and improving the overall quality of life for Pets. Recognizing the barriers and high costs associated with Pet care that prevent many families from welcoming a Pet into their homes, Hannah the Pet Society was created to overcome these obstacles.

At its core, Hannah the Pet Society aims to make Pet Parenthood more accessible and affordable for everyone. Members of Hannah enjoy a range of benefits, including Pet education resources, exclusive invitations to Member events, and, most importantly, access to affordable healthcare for their Pets. Through this society, Members gain the opportunity to enroll their Pets on Hannah’s Total Lifetime Care® plan, which is exclusively serviced through Hannah Pet Hospitals.

Through its comprehensive approach, Hannah the Pet Society strives to provide the support, resources, and affordable healthcare options that enable families to experience the joys of Pet companionship without the burden of exorbitant costs. By addressing the barriers that have prevented many from having a Pet as part of their family, Hannah the Pet Society helps create a world where more Pets can live long, healthy, and happy lives with their forever families.

Who are the owners of Hannah the Pet Society?

Hannah, the Pet Society is a private company founded by Dr. Scott Campbell. There are 50 or so Pet lovers who are veterinarians and small private investors who love Pets that have funded the company.

Why is the name of the organization “Hannah the Pet Society”?

Hannah, the Pet Society finds its roots in rural Eastern Oregon. Dr. Campbell’s mother’s first name was Johannah, but her close friends and family shortened her name to “Hannah.” Hannah was a dedicated nurse who cared for every lost or stray, hurt or sick, large or small, wild or domestic animal that crossed her path. She always found a way to help even when things looked impossible. She understood the importance of proper Pet care and went to great lengths to instill that knowledge, belief, and behavior in everyone she met. Because of her example, her eldest son, Scott, started caring for Pets and injured wild animals at a very young age and decided to become a veterinarian by the time he was 7. That devotion to his mother’s high ideals inspired Dr. Campbell to create the world’s largest and most caring veterinary practice – Banfield. This is why he has now created “Hannah the Pet Society” in honor of his mom – to make Pet care affordable without sacrificing quality. Read more about the Hannah story HERE.

I have heard that I must sign over ownership of my Pet to Hannah. Is this true?

Yes. This transfer of ownership to Hannah permits the organization to shoulder any sudden, unanticipated, significant medical expenses, effectively removing the financial burden from Pet Parents. As Hannah owns the Pet, it becomes their responsibility to provide all necessary veterinary care, allowing Pet Parents to focus solely on the emotional bond they share with their Pet without the stress of potentially crippling medical costs. This model, therefore, ensures that Pets receive adequate, regular, and emergency care when needed, without Pet Parents having to grapple with the economic implications of such care. Ultimately, it eliminates the unfortunate choice many Pet Parents face of having to consider life-ending decisions for their Pets due to high veterinary costs.

If I can no longer care for my Pet, will Hannah see to it that my Pet gets into a good new home?

Hannah generally recommends to the person wanting to re-home their Pet to keep it in their home until an appropriate Pet Parent is found to keep the stress on the Pet at a minimum. But if your Pet is accepted on a TLC Plan and you can’t keep it, we will find every adoptable Pet a new loving home.

How do you deal with older Pets that are given to you by a Member, or in cases when the Member dies and the Pet has nowhere else to go or has medical problems?

We will match the Pet with a new family. Remember, we already have the Pet’s complete medical and behavioral record, so if we compare it with a new Pet Family, we know they are willing to spend the time it takes to provide care. And because we take care of all the medical care costs, this is not a barrier to anyone.

What type of veterinary care can I expect from Hannah?

At Hannah Pet Hospitals, our veterinarians are the best in the business and provide the same high-quality care as their counterparts in the Portland area. Hannah veterinarians and their medical teams have state-of-the-art facilities at our Hannah Pet Hospitals. You will be as active as you want in decision-making about the care your Hannah Pet receives.

How does Hannah ensure the Pet receives the required minimum veterinary care?

The Monthly TLC Fee includes all the costs of veterinary care so the most common barrier to care an unexpected or unaffordable expense has been removed. The medical record system, just like in most veterinary hospitals, provides reminders to the medical team and Pet Parents of routine care that is needed. We even have a Pet pickup and delivery service! In fact, Hannah Members on average have over twice as many vet visits per year as Pet Parents not on our program – more preventive care results in better care.

What if my Hannah Pet is sick and I am unable to take it to the Hannah Pet Hospital?

Don’t worry. Your TLC plan may already include pick-up and delivery services. Even if it doesn’t, Hannah can provide pick-up and delivery of the Pet for a small fee when needed. Or, you can add pick-up and delivery service to your customized TLC Plan anytime.

If my Hannah Pet accidently gets run over by a truck and killed, do I have to pay the pre-agreed Pet Peturchase fee?

No, there is no Pet Purchase Fee owed at the death of your Hannah Pet. Hannah has several easy ways you can show that your Hannah Pet died and then the monthly TLC Plan payments will stop immediately. In cases where your Hannah Pet dies, you should call Hannah immediately so we can take care of the Pet’s remains for you (at no charge).

I am in the military and really want to get a Hannah Pet; however, I worry about being deployed overseas and I might not be able to take my Pet. Could I leave it with my brother for the two years I might be gone?

Yes. Arrangements can be made for Pets to stay with family members or extended family members. We want to do everything we can to ensure the Pet gets the best possible continuity of care.

What if a Member misses payments? Will Hannah repossess the Pet?

No. Hannah will never repossess a Pet against a Member’s wishes. Our first option will be to work with the Hannah Pet Parent to develop a payment plan. If that is unsuccessful or the Pet Parent ceases communication, we will refer them to our collection agency.

Will your prices ever change during the lifetime of my Hannah Pet?

Yes. The pre-agreed Pet Purchase fee is reduced each year to a minimum of $100, and the monthly TLC plan fee will be adjusted annually based on the age of the Pet and inflation (CPI). We don’t anticipate other changes but can’t see into the future. We will never raise the monthly price for your Pet just because it got sick or developed a problem after it was already on a TLC plan.

Hannah’s behavior standards for an “ideal” Pet may be different than a shelter’s evaluation. How is this reconciled?

Hannah’s behavior standards are intended to ensure that a Pet has a high likelihood of longevity in a particular family setting. A standard definition of “good” doesn’t currently exist and should be based on the organization’s goals. We choose to error on the side of safety – for you, your family and friends, and our team of caregivers. In our opinion, Pets that are aggressive and/or biters are not safe and are not accepted as Hannah Pets, and we don’t recommend them as Pets. Even a little bite can put out a child’s eye.

Is Hannah a competitor to other veterinarians?

Hannah employs great veterinarians and expects to employ many more. We believe many of our Members wouldn’t even have a Pet without Hannah making it affordable. Hannah simply provides another choice for Pet Parents.

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