Fun Fall Activity Ideas For You And Your Hannah Pet

Who here is ready for fall?

The temperature in Oregon and Washington is still all over the place and the air quality isn’t doing us or our Pets any favors. But soon — fingers crossed — the leaves will be falling, the temperatures will be cooling, and you’ll be able to get a pump of pumpkin flavor in anything you eat or drink.

That means you’ll get to plan lots of fun Autumnal activities with your Pet! Here are a few ideas to get the fall rolling.

Go On A Hike

Colorful leaves, light exercise, and weather that doesn’t make you want to lie down on the ground and cry after five steps. Fall is the perfect time to take your Pet on a wander through the wilderness!

The Portland area alone has over a dozen of Pet-friendly hiking trails. Our personal favorites include the Wildwood Trail in Forest Park, the Powell Butte Loop hike, Tryon Creek’s Inner Loop hike, and Dog Mountain Trail just over the river in Washington. Here are a few more to add to your To-Do list

a dog sitting in a pumpkin patch

Visit A Pumpkin Patch, Or Pick Apples

If a hike sounds like too much exercise for you, consider visiting one of Portland’s dog-friendly pumpkin patches! PortlandPetStores has a handy breakdown of six local patches that welcome your furry family. Keep your Pet away from anything advertised as “haunted,” though! Dogs don’t have context for Halloween fun, they just don’t want to be around sudden, loud noises and flashing lights!

Apple orchards are another great spot for Autumn fun. Oregon and particularly Washington are full of great pick-your-own fruit spots. You’ll enjoy the fruit, and your Pet will enjoy smelling lots of bright and unusual things. Also probably some stinky ones, but we can’t win them all!

Enjoy An Outdoor Event

Stay outside whenever you get the chance! Portland has some fun events coming up over the next few months that will keep you and your Pet in the sunshine, from a dog-friendly 5K Beer Run to Lucky Lab’s Dogtoberfest. The latter features a costume contest for well-behaved pups. Good thing your Hannah membership includes training! You’re a ringer to win!

A short drive will open up even more fall fun. Mid-September sees the 11th annual Walk-n-Wag in Salem, which raises money for Pets of people in hospice. Spirit of Halloweentown in St. Helens is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and welcome leashed Pets at many attractions. And we haven’t even mentioned the Dog Tails in Parade in Corvallis!

Whatever you choose to do, remember that three of the best things you can give to your Pet are mental enrichment, physical activity, and fresh air. Keep those three in the mix, and you’ll be healthy and happy heading into … (gulp) winter.